Skin Dehydration Treatment

What is Skin Dehydration?

Dehydration of the skin means that the content of water in the skin has been reduced. This happens when the water in the skin is continuously lost through trans epidermal water loss. Water is pulled out of the skin and into the external environment ,especially during seasons such as winter when he humidity is low.

What causes Skin Dehydration?

Dehydration is usually caused by improper cleansing, over exposure to the sun, pore health, clogged pores, medication, natural perpetration during physical activity and insufficient intake of water. One was to determine dehydrated skin is to pinch the skin lightly and watch for a formation of small criss cross lines in that area. Some external symptoms of dehydration can be premature lines, loss of elasticity, thinner skin texture, and fine criss cross lines.


Topical Solutions: Hyaluronic Acid, squalene, green tea, licorice, evening prime rose oil, shea butter, coconut oil

Therapies: Medical grade facials, Hydrafacial, Paraffin Mask, Thermal Mask, Lactic

Chemical Peel

Tips: Use products that are more richer and ingredients, drink lots of water, use water based serums, seal in the moisture of your skin using oils, add a night cream into your skin care regime

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