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Acne Facial in Toronto

Personalized Acne Care with Proven Results.

Reduce acne outbreaks. Achieve clearer skin, Reduce inflammation and redness, prevent scarring, and improve your skin appearance.


Premium acne treatments often include advanced, medically supervised options that go beyond standard over-the-counter products. These can include laser therapy, which targets and reduces acne and scars; chemical peels, which remove the outer layer of skin to promote regeneration; and microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin to unclog pores. Additionally, some premium treatments may use prescription medications tailored to individual skin types and acne severity. These treatments are typically performed in dermatology clinics or specialized skincare facilities, offering a higher level of care with the potential for more significant results.


60 minutes session


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Choose from the following services:

Book an Acne Facial & 3D Assessment


Book an Acne Facial with 3D Skin Analysis and Consultation

90 minutes

Book a 3D Assessment


Book 3D Skin Analysis and Consultation

30 minutes

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Exclusive Deluxe Facials

Midnight Gala Facial introduces an invigorating oxygen boost paired with an anti-aging skin-tightening technique, expertly designed to pamper your skin. This rejuvenating treatment culminates in a soothing facial and shoulder massage, promoting healthy blood circulation and imparting a phenomenal glow. Experience the transformation, exclusively utilizing our locally crafted organic skincare line.

Relaxed Massage

The premium benefit of our shoulder and hand massage lies in its potent ability to enhance blood circulation, thereby nurturing glowing, healthy skin and revitalizing your energy for a radiant, youthful vigor.

Professional Hair & Makeup

To conclude your Midnight Gala Facial experience, immerse yourself in the luxury of classic, timeless hair and makeup artistry, professionally executed by our adept team. This premium finale not only encapsulates a complete, refined look but also embodies the essence of phenomenal beauty, offering an unforgettable journey into the realms of luxury and elegance.

Oxygen Boost Therapy

Organic & Natural Skin Care

Upper Body Massage

Light Therapy

Professional Hair & Makeup

Luxury Relaxation

Here Is What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


They gave me a detail explanation for every procedure since it was my first time ever doing deep cleaning. The staff is so welcoming and friendly. I would recommend. I will also be returning in the future.

09 March 2024

A.A Toronto ON.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Had a great experience, the laser hair removal was quick and painless 10 out of 10 recommend

09 March 2024

L.B Toronto ON.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Wow - my skin looks dewy, healthy and nourished. I had a facial on Thursday and the staff are wonderful and the explanations are so thorough on the skin analysis and every step that is taken during the facial. The facialist was super professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend them!
Thank you!

03 February 2024

S.D Toronto ON.

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microneedling for glowing skin

microneedling for younger skin

microneedling treatment for men

microneedling for collagen production

What Is this Midnight Gala Facial?

Red C Facial is a luxury beauty session offering ultimate look for your night out or event. With this facial you experience the ultimate beauty experience of glow facial and professional hair and makeup artist to complete your look.

How Long Does the Midnight Gala Facial Takes?

60 minutes for a glow facial and another 1-2 hours for your professional hair and makeup.

Who Can Purchase the Midnight Gala Facial?

Absolutely anyone who wish to experience the luxury and essence of beauty refinement. 

What Does the Midnight Gala Facial Include?

The Red C Facial focus of healthy glow, cleansing and hydrating the skin to suit application of makeup after.

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