Payment methods available in-studio and online:




American Express


E-Transfer (Canada)


Installment Plans In-Studio:

Payments instalments are available with our partner Beautifi, offering monthly payment options for all procedures and packages of $1,000 and above. Thousands of Canadians have used Beautifi.

Applying is secure and will not impact your credit score. It takes less than 3 minutes to apply, and your approval result is displayed instantly.

For detailed information, kindly reach out to us or schedule a consultation with one of our consultants.


Online Booking

Book a Consultation with our consultant for 3D skin analysis and treatment plans and payment installment available to your package.

For assistance please contact us at 647.243.4780 or email us at MyBeauty@meitalstudios.com

Contact Us

Studio Call / Text: 647.243.4780 or 647.905.7095

Email: mybeauty@meitalstudios.com

By Appointment Only.



4401 Bathurst St., Unit #300

North York, ON., M3H 3R9

Free parking at the back of the building


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