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Anti-Âge Vol5 Facial

One of the most powerful  and comprehensive facial tailored for mature skin offering advanced technology with a touch of Vmax lifting, hydra, deep cleansing and massage.

60 minutes facial

Hydra Facial

Exerience the revitalizing power of Hydra Facial designed to target multiple skin concerns leaving you with a radiant and youthful glow.

60 minutes facial

Oxygeneo Facial

Pressurized stream of oxygen to deliver customized serums and nutrients deep into the skin, resulting in a refreshed and glowing complexion

60 minutes facial

Supreme Facial

Our most popular facial treatment, a one of a kind experience. Comprehensive facial with advanced technology and phenomenal upper body massage, warm towels and Bulgarian rose water

90 minutes facial


Organic Facial

All-natural, plant-based, locally made ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances commonly found in traditional skincare products

60 minutes facial

GameOver Facial

Start with deep cleans, extractions, exfoliate, high frequency and much more and finish with a relaxed upper body massage. Most advanced facial tailored for men

90 minutes facial

UnderEyes Facial

Facial dedicated for under the eyes area reducing puffiness and dark circles using tiny micro needling patches for ultimatum result

45 minutes facial

Classic Facial

Emphasis on extractions, deep cleans and classic hydration using our in-house organic skin care line

60 minutes facial


Teen’s Facial

Specifically tailored to address common skin concerns that affect teenagers, such as acne, excess oil production, and clogged pores, while also educating them on proper skincare habits and routines

60 minutes facial


RedC Facial

A perfect night out preparing you for a flawless elegance. A completed tailored facial treatment for pumpered skin radiating an irresistibly vibrant and healthy glow with a professional hair and makeup artist for complete perfection.

150 minutes Session

Customized Facial

Fully customized facial tailored to your skin condition, facial offer unique formulas and customized step addressing all your skin desires for ultimatum results

90 minutes facial

Deep Peeling Facial

Chemical Peel solution applied to remove the outer layers of skin, effectively treating skin concerns such as acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation

60 minutes facial

LED Therapy Facial

The Use of different colours of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths, helping to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin health

60 minutes facial


Charcoal Facial

Activated charcoal facial draw out impurities, toxins, and excess oil from the skin, leaving it deeply cleansed and purified

60 minutes facial


Brightening Facial

Enhanced your skin luminosity for revitalized and refreshed appearance. Brightening facials are specifically designed to target dull, tired-looking skin and achieve more vibrant and youthful complexion.

60 minutes facial


Microdermabrasion Facial

Special device used to exfoliate the outer layer of skin, revealing a smoother, brighter, and more even complexion, while also stimulating collagen production and improving the skin’s texture and tone.

60 minutes facial


Acne Facial

Specialized focus on treating and improving acne-prone skin, remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin with emphasis and designed to soothe inflammation and promote healing.

45 minutes facial

Here Is What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


The best medspa in Toronto! I went there for facial and came out with new face!! Absolutely phenomenal result!! Their consultant is genius, knew exactly what I needed, and their facial was absolutely amazing! This therapeutic skincare line they formulated is like magic, my skin is at its best and I’ve got many facials done before but this is truly something special and the Ambience is great! I highly recommend 10/10! Don’t think twice

09 June 2024

D.K Toronto ON.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Very nice @ professional staff Natural products you will feel difference same time

08 June 2024

A.O Toronto ON.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Got 3 facials done here. My skin never felt better. I came in for my first facial and had pretty bad acne. The next week after the facial everything started to disappear. The facials were done really gently and calmly. It was amazing. Loved going there and definitely would go again. My skin is super clear now and this is without exaggerations. I never felt better.

15 May 2024

A. Toronto ON.

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