Purifying and Protecting Oily Skin.

Oily skin can be nuisance as it often results in acne. And while drying out the skin to remove excess oil seems like an obvious and quick fix, it is important not to over-dry the skin, which in itself can cause our skin to produce more oil (and then more acne). Effective cleansing and purifying of the skin, while keeping the skin moisturized is the best way to counteract oil production, and prevent blemishes from developing.

The Bearberry Oily Skin Purifying Tonic does just that! Bearberry and peach extract in this tonic help to reduce sebum production working as an astringent. Because bearberry is a natural source of arbutin, this produces a skin brightening effect, which can help reduce the appearance of imperfections caused by hyperpigmentation.

Meanwhile, aloe vera provides a great source of moisture to help prevent over drying with the astringent and cleansing properties. By keeping the skin moisturized our skin’s natural barrier is protected and will feel soft and supple.

This tonic is also a great source of other powerful antioxidants like green tea, rosemary, lavender and sage extracts. Regular application of antioxidants to the skin will help reduce the amount of damage caused by sun exposure.

Whether you have oily or combination skin, this tonic will help restore your skin to a natural balance, while providing antioxidant support and soothing moisture.

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